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Auto Insurance in Tomah, WI

If you’re looking for insurance, turn to Edwards Insurance Agency first. Whether you need coverage for your personal property or a policy for your business, we can set you up with a great product.

Auto insurance

Accidents can happen at any time, so don’t put yourself at risk by driving around without auto insurance in Tomah, WI! We offer a range of coverage options, including high-risk auto insurance and SR-22 filings, preferred with homeowner's insurance.

In addition to policies for cars and trucks, we also offer motorcycle insurance and coverage for recreational vehicles.
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Commercial workers' compensation

Workers’ compensation can shield your company should one of your employees be injured on the job. These policies cover costs such as lost wages and medical expenses.

The premiums for workers’ compensation insurance are minimal compared to the price you could pay without coverage. It’s time to safeguard your company’s finances!
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Other insurances

We offer many other types of insurance, including coverage for:
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Home insurance

Your home is a big investment. Protect it from threats such as theft, storm damage or other unexpected situations with a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy.

We offer policies for both standalone and mobile homes. Plus we issue renters insurance as well!

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